Laptop Computer Loan

Special Loan Scheme for Purchase Laptop Computers

This loan provides the financial support for students of National Universities to purchase Laptop Computers.

Loan Amount

  • Up to a maximum of Rs.75,000/=



  • Up to a maximum of 36 months



  • Letter of authority to recover from Mahapola or Bursary Payments. 




  • All students of the national universities who apply for loan facilities to purchase laptop computers are eligible under this loan scheme
  • Should not be a defaulter of any Bank / Financial Institution
  • Students who receive Mahapola/Bursary should obtain their loans through the accounts                



Documents Required

  • Loan Application
  • Copy of Student Record book & Student Identity card.
  • Copy of Guarantor's Student's Record book and identity Card.
  • Student name should be recommended by an authorized person of the University.
  • An invoice from listed vendor.