Import Facilities

Letter of Credit

  • Customers can establish "Letters of credit" in favor of their Suppliers or Exporters in the following manner

- Sight LC

- Usance LC

  • We have global presence through more than 800 overseas correspondent banks and will help you to carry out your International Trade transactions by opening Letters of Credit through us
  • Our team of experts will advise you and assist you to establish L/C’s
  • Online facility for customers to establish L/C’s from their office or work place.
  • Facility to receive their L/C copies  online or through email
  • Ability to open local L/C’s for services, material requirements and for others purposes.

(Click here to download Import LC Application / LC Amendment Application)

(Click here to download LC Application - Domestic)

(Click here to download Additional Agreement for term LCs)

(Click here to download E Form 1)


Handling Bills drawn under Our Letters of Credit

  • When the documents are received by us from the supplier’s bank, documents will be checked and payments will be effected as per the L/C terms
  • Arrival of shipping documents through email to our customers
  • Customers can e mail their payment instructions to the bank
  • Our team of experts will check the documents and advise you about the discrepancies in time
  • Facility available for our customers to check the documents if necessary

Collection Bills (D/P or D/A)

Release of documents to the Import customers which are received from their Suppliers/Exporters bank and effect payments as per the following terms.

D/P – Release documents against payments

D/A - Release documents against acceptance of bills of exchange


  • Notifying of arrival of shipping documents through email to our customers immediately upon receipt of them.
  • We carefully handle your import collection bills and assist you to effect payments to your suppliers as agreed by you in an efficient and effective manner.  
  • Our team of experts will assist you to resolve the issues pertaining to collection bills

Shipping Guarantees


  • Guarantee in favor of Shipping and Air lines for the Import customers to enable them to clear the consignments in the absence of original Transport documents

(Click here to download Shipping Indemnity - Sea Freight)

(Click here to download Shipping Indemnity - Air Freight)








Short Term Import Loans

Availability of short term finance to retire shipping documents & repayable out of sales proceeds.

  • Trust Receipt
  • Pledge 
  • Series of Loans
  • Hypothecation

(Click here to download Sub Loan Requests – Hypothecation Loan)

(Click here to download Sub Loan Requests – Series of Loan)

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