14+ Teenagers Savings Account

  • 14+ is a savings account specially designed for Teenagers who wish to start their banking transactions including withdrawals. 14+ account can be opened at any Bank of Ceylon branch island wide by Teenager who is in the age group of 14 to 18 years with the permission of their parent/ guardian


14+ Account offers

  • Higher interest rate than the normal savings account
  • Debit Card facilities
  • Online Banking facilities & B app
  • Smart Passbook


At the age of 18 years to the child

  • Account will automatically be transferred to 18+ category


Terms and Conditions

  • Bank of Ceylon holds the right to change, add or revise any condition and facilities offered for the Accounts
  • It is advisable to contact your nearest BOC branch or our Call Centre on011 220 4444 for the latest information and prevailing terms and conditions

1. Higher rate of interest

  • Offer 0.5% higher interest rate than the normal savings account


2. Debit Card/ATM Card Facilities

  • Special ATM/Debit card is issued to withdraw money from island-wide ATMs
  • This can also be utilized at POS machines as a debit/ shopping card.


3. Online Banking Facilities 

  • Provide facilities only to check your balance
  • Smart Passbook

Following documents are required at the account opening

  • Original birth certificate of the child together with a photocopy (Original will be returned to the customer by the bank)
  • National Identity card of the parent or Guardian
  • National identity card of the account holder (if available)
  • Address proof (If not residing in the same place mentioned in NIC)
  • Written consent of the parent/guardian to open the account (Parent/ guardian should sign on the account opening mandate)


For more information contact the nearest Bank of Ceylon Branch.

* Conditions apply