Credit Card Tariff

Domestic Tariff - Digital Banking Products with effect from 24 March 2022
(Taxes and Levies imposed by the Government of Sri Lanka may be applicable in addition to this Tariff)
4.1 Credit Cards
4.1.1 Joining Fees Principal            Supplementary
Platinum Rs.1,500/-            Rs.1,200/-
Titanium Rs.1,000/-            Rs.750/-
Master World Rs.1,500/-            Rs.1,200/-
Gold Rs.1,500/-            Rs.1,200/-
Classic Rs.1,000/-            Rs.750/-
4.1.2 Annual Fees Principal            Supplementary
Platinum Rs.3,000/-            Rs.1,500/-
Titanium Rs.1,000/-            Rs.500/-
Master World Rs.3,000/-            Rs.1,500/-
Gold Rs.2,000/-            Rs.1,000/-
Classic Rs.1,000/-            Rs.500/-
4.1.3 Other Fees and Charges
Temporary limit enhancement fee Rs.1,000/-
Limit enhancement fee Rs.500/-
Card reactivation fee for blocked cards Rs.1,000/-
Late payment fee Rs.900/-
Over limit fee Rs.600/-
SMS Alert Fee for Credit Card transactions Free of Charge
Cash advance fee 3.5 %                Min. Rs. 300/-
Government Stamp duty Rs. 25/- for every part of Rs. 1000/- 
(Mechant settlement country other than Sri Lanka)
Lost card replacement fee Rs.500/-
PIN re-issue fee Rs.250/-
Overseas courier charges Rs.2,000/-
4.1.3 Other Fees and charges- Cont'd
Credit Card confirmation letters issued for Visa purposes/ any other purposes Rs.1,000/-
Credit Card balance confirmation Letters to Other Banks/Auditors Rs.500/-
Issue of duplicate statement- card holder
              Fee per monthly statement up to 12 months
              Fee per monthly statement after 12 months

Interest Rate 36.00% Per Annum
Interest on cash advance 36.00% Per Annum





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