Bank of Ceylon – ANNOOR Islamic banking unit

Established in 1939, Bank of Ceylon, a wholly owned entity of the government of Sri Lanka, enjoys flagship status in the commercial banking arena. Besides the overseas branch network of Landon, Male, Chennai and Seychelles BOC has an unmatched network of branches and extension offices geographically positioned throughout the country together with more than 1000’s touch points, to reach out to millions of customers with a portfolio of products and services, some of which enjoy market leadership.

Our license to operate and Brand name

in 2009, Bank of Ceylon took advantage of the Banking Act No. 30 of 1988, through its subsequent amendment No 2 of 2005, to pioneer the concept of Islamic Banking in Sri Lanka. Supervised by a Shari’ah Supervisory Board (SSB) consisting of the undermentioned renowned shari’ah scholars of the country and an exclusive treasury operation, BOC AN-NOOR (The Light), is the brand house for all Islamic Banking products and services.


Members of SSB

As-Sheikh M I M Rizwe Mufthi

As-Sheikh Fazil Farook

As-Sheikh M H M Yoosuf Mufthi

As-Sheikh Murshid Mulaffer

Backed by the professionalism and expertise of seven decades of banking, BOC has choosen a handpicked team to steer this strategically important Islamic Banking operation. Funds mobilized from investors are managed through Shari’ah compliant investments in a transparent manner: BOC AN-NOOR products and services are available to corporate, institutions, Mosques and individuals alike.


Portfolio and Product Range

BOC AN-NOOR promises a portfolio of products in the deposit and investment sector, giving you the peach of mind of ethical compliance, regulated through a profit sharing mechanism. Products are common to all Sri Lankans irrespective of faith.

AN-NOOR Current Account – based on Qard, where the bank accepts deposits to be paid on demand.

AN-NOOR Ordinary Savings (Mudaraba SA) and AN-NOOR Children Savings “Athfal” based on (Mudaraba – Partnership in profit)

AN-NOOR Foreign Currency Savings Account – Ordinary and Athfal

AN-NOOR Ijara (finance for Vehicle and Machinery)

AN-NOOR Murabaha – (Trade Finance and Term Loan)

AN-NOOR Wakala – (Working Capital and fund management)


Whom and where do I make contact:

Head office -Islamic Banking Unit

+94 11 2205030

+94 11 2205035

email :

Call Center +94 11 2204444


You can download the following applications here

  • Mudaraba Savings Accounts
    (Personal/ Joint/ Sole Proprietary/ Partnership/ Limited Liability Company/ Society/ Club/ Association)

  • Athfal (Children) Savings Account (Domestic and Foreign Currency)