Travel Card

What is BOC Multi Currency Prepaid Travel Card 

It is a prepaid travel money card which can be loaded with multiple currencies. This card can be used as an alternative to Foreign Currency Notes and Traveler’s Cheques.

What are the benefits to the Travel Cardholder 

  • Can load multiple currencies based on the country of travel
  • Reloadable
  • Secured, convenient and hassle free mode
  • Backup card to use in the event main card is lost/stolen/damaged
  • Non-exposure to currency fluctuations
  • Instant SMS/e-mail updates to notify transactions
  • Free Travel Insurance

Who can apply for BOC Multi Currency Prepaid Travel Card

Residents of Sri Lanka who are above 18 years of age and  eligible to obtain travel allowances when leaving Sri Lanka for travelling abroad , subject to exchange control regulations in respect of issuance of foreign exchange for Travel purposes

Features of BOC Multi Currency Prepaid Travel Card

  • Prepaid Card – the value of the card is loaded upfront
  • EMV Compliant CHIP Card with PIN/Signature
  • Can load in US dollars, Sterling pounds, Euro, Japanese yen and Australian dollars
  • Reloading facility during the validity period (subject to exchange control regulations)
  • Can use the Card at overseas  (Wherever the ‘MasterCard’ acceptance mark is displayed) for ;

-    Purchases (POS)
-    Cash withdrawal at overseas ATMs (under ‘Checking’ or “Credit’ option) –PIN is provided with the card
-    Online transactions
-    At Duty Free outlets in Katunayake Airport

  • Ability to transfer funds from one currency to another currency in the Card
  • Free transaction alerts via e-mail/SMS
  • Backup Card, to use in the event main card is lost/stolen/damaged.
  • Backup Card can be activated upon cancellation of primary card via Call Centre or through Cardholder Self Care Portal.
  • Replacement card, in case both primary and backup cards are lost
  • Card balance should be encashed within 90 days of return to Sri Lanka as per current Exchange Control Regulations
What is Cardholder Self Care Portal 
A Web portal( , provided to the card holder to manage the card related activities. 
Functions available; 
  • Inquiry of transactions, balances
  • Transfer of funds from one currency to another within the card (Wallet to wallet fund transfer)
  • Block/Unblock the Card
  • Activate/De-activate Wallets
  • E-Commerce  activation 
  • Backup Card Activation  
  • Change of Currency priority order in the card
Documents required to apply for BOC Multi Currency Prepaid Travel Card 
  • Duly completed Application  (Download)
  • Copy of valid Passport - first and last pages 
Required when loading/reloading funds to the Card
  • Copy of return Air Tickets/e -tickets
  • Visa Copy 
  • Form No. 1 for Foreign Currency loading to the card
  • Duly completed Reload Form – for reloading funds
Modes of loading/reloading to the Travel Card 
  • InLKR
  • Transfer from Accounts (LKR or Foreign Currency)
Card Limit
On providing valid documents, a maximum amount of USD 25,000/- is allowed subject to Exchange Control Regulations and based on the Judgment/discretion of the Bank in consideration of travel purpose, period and the country of visit.
Transaction Limits
  • POS Transaction Limit- USD 5,000 per day
  • ATM Withdrawal Limit – USD 1,000 per day
  • E-Commerce Transaction Limit –  USD 2,500 per day
  • Maximum number of POS transactions per day – 10 times
  • Maximum number of ATM transactions per day – 3 times

Fee Type


Load/Reload Fee

2%  on load value (minimum LKR 1000/-)

Card Fee

LKR  3000/-

Card Cancellation fee

LKR  1000/-

ATM (international) fee per withdrawal

 **Additional fee may apply according to overseas ATM charges.

GBP      -    2.5

All other currencies -USD 3.0

ATM (international) Balance enquiry fee


GBP      -    0.4

All other currencies -USD 0.5

Card Replacement Fee

USD      -    8

Emergency card replacement fee

USD      -    23

Statement re-generation- e-mail

USD      -    0.25

Card Renewal Fee

LKR 3000/-



If the Card is stolen or lost

Immediately, the Card should be blocked via Card holder self care portal (  or by contacting Bank Call Centre – +94 11 220 4444.
Replacement Card
When both Primary Card and Back up card are lost,  a replacement card can be obtained from the Card issuing branch , with an applicable fee. 
Dispute Transactions
In case of any disputed transaction, card holder is requested to refer the issue to BOC Call Centre or the Card Issuing Branch. 

For more details, please contact,

24 hour customer service hotline - 011 2204444 & 011 2203175 ( From 9.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M. on weekdays)

Dear Travel Card Holder,

We hope you and your family are safe.

Your BOC Multi Currency Prepaid Travel Card would be 3D secure authenticated for e-commerce transactions from 27th January 2022 for your convenience and security. This would add an extra layer of protection to online shopping.

With 3D Security you have an authentication on every online transaction. No payment will ever go through unless you authorize them yourself by verifying the OTP received to your mobile number and e-mail address.

Therefore update your mobile number and e-mail address to avail this facility to your card by contacting our BOC call center at your earliest.

Telephone: +9411-2204444 (24 hours – International)