Housing Loan Scheme for the Permanent cadre Salaried Employees in the Public and Private Sector

Eligible Borrowers

Borrrowers should be permanent cadre salaried ployees in the public and private sectors, in Sri Lanka.


Rate of Interest

• First 5 years 7% p a. (Fixed rate)

• Thereafter-Six months Average Weighted Prime Lending Rate (A WPLR) 1.00% pa (Subject to review bi-annually)


Repayment Period


Maximum 25 yrs. However, the loan should be recovered in full before the retirement day of the borrower.


Security Collateral

• Primary mortgage over the property to be developed.

• In case of a condominium apartment, the property to be mortgaged to the bank after completion of the construction. A tripartite agreement should be signed between the developer, borrower and the bank to continue the process until the mortgage of the property as Executed.


* Conditions Apply

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