Visiting the Museum

The museum is not kept open generally but is intended to be viewed by prior appointment and permission. A request for permission should be made by a letter addressed to the The Museum Curator, Museum Office, 30th Floor, Bank of Ceylon Head Office, “BOC Square”, No 1, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 1 and the letter should be sent well in advance of the intended date of the visit. In the case of school groups, once confirmation is given that the visit has been granted permission the school must send a list giving accurately the full names of the visiting school children. This is to enable the Bank to arrange for the visiting children to receive any special gifts which may be on offer under various BOC schemes at the time of visiting. The viewing gallery/balcony is generally not opened unless the request includes a request for viewing from the viewing gallery/balcony. Since the museum and the viewing gallery/balcony are all considered, inter alia, as part of a high security area, granting of permission is entirely at the discretion of the Bank of Ceylon which may deny permission without stating any reason whatsoever.

The number of viewers that could be accommodated reasonably without discomfort is considered to be 50 persons and the number should not exceed 55 persons. Any group larger than this will have to be accommodated by splitting into smaller groups of 55 persons or less. Those requesting permission should bear in mind that the Bank may (and often will) deny permission/access to very large groups. The school groups requesting permission should state the number of teachers/guardians who will be accompanying the school children as the Bank firmly believes that visiting children must be adequately supervised and controlled by teachers/guardians.