The Bank of Ceylon Money and Banking Museum is a museum developed by Bank of Ceylon. It is situated on the 28th floor of the Bank of Ceylon Head Office Building in the Fort area of Colombo. It has been designed to function in a dual capacity as an educational facility and a public relations tool.

The museum is designed incorporating many modern architectural and design concepts relating to both design in general and museum design in particular. The designing of the content was also based on similar concepts. As such it is one of the most modern museums in the country at the time of writing. It aims to rise from being merely a display to an environment that provides a stimulating, educating and pleasant environment that will create a memorable “school trip” experience, a stimulation of interest in the history of our country especially its coinage and an appreciation of the vision, courage and initiative of the pioneers who brought modern banking within the reach of the average indigenous Ceylonese (as we were known then)

The visitor group targeted are mostly school children who visit the Bank of Ceylon building as a part of annual school trips and visitors to Bank of Ceylon. (The Bank of Ceylon head office has a number of attractions for visiting school children among them are the museum, the viewing gallery/balcony on the same floor, the sculpture on the first floor referred to as the “Kaasi Thorana”, the “Dealing Room” where dealers attached to Bank of Ceylon Treasury Division trade in foreign currency using computer consoles.)