Correspondent Relationship

Correspondent Banking Relationship

  • Establishment and maintenance of relationships with

- Foreign Banks​
- Exchange Companies

  • Opening of Nostro Accounts on behalf of the bank with foreign correspondents  Click here to view SSI
  • Opening of Vostro Accounts on behalf of exchange companies and foreign correspondent banks
  • Monitoring of all the above Vostro Accounts
  • Annual Revision of International Tariff of Bank of Ceylon
  • Annual Revision of Counterparty Limits of Bank of Ceylon
  • Annual Revision and distribution of Authorized Signature DVD of Bank of Ceylon
  • Preparation and circulation of regulations set out from time to time by the Controller of Exchange of Central bank of Sri Lanka covering various Foreign Currency related accounts.
  • Sharing of AML compliance information with correspondents
  • Coordinate the business visits of the delegations of the Correspondent Banks and Exchange Companies.
  • Updating of bank’s information to the Bankers’ Almanac and SWIFT  KYC registry



For more details :

Chief Manager,

Correspondent Banking Department,

International Division, 9th Floor

Bank of Ceylon - Head Office

“BOC Square”,

No: 01, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha,

Colombo 01, Sri Lanka.


T.P.    : +94 11 244 5791

E-mail:  /