Chennai Branch

We The Bank of Ceylon (BOC) Started in 1995 in Chennai, having a State-of-the-art infrastructure at par with international standards. BOC the leading Commercial Bank known for its feel at home atmosphere, and updated financial products. BOC offers range of financial products required by a common man or corporate. 

  • 100 % safety being a Government Bank
  • International Standard of Customer Service


Complete range of bank facilities available with professional and courteous service

  • Demand Deposits
  • Deposit Accounts



  • Minimum deposit USD.1,000/- or equivalent in other currencies
  • Very competitive interest rates are paid, depending on the period of deposit
  • The principal and interest are repatriable.
  • Lockers with good storage capacity are available at a nominal rent



Indian Citizen

  • An Indian citizen living abroad for employment/ carrying on business or vocation outside India.

Foreign Citizen

  • Non-Resident Foreign citizens of Indian origin are also treated on par with non-resident Indian citizens

Types of Deposits Accounts

NRE Savings Bank Accounts:
In this account remittance should be made in foreign currency. The same will be converted and held in Indian rupees. Depositors are given a Cheque Book for operating the account. This account bears interest as advised by RBI from time to time. Transfer of funds from this account to other NRE accounts and vice versa are permitted. Balances in these accounts are repatriable.

NRE Term Deposits:
This is a fixed deposit account where deposit amount should be remitted in  foreign currency, which will be converted into Indian rupees and held for a minimum of one year and above.

The interest as well as the principal amount can be repatriated on maturity of the deposits or renewed for further period. Interest rate is fixed as advised by RBI from time to time and tax  at source will not be deducted. Interest is cumulated quarterly and the minimum deposit is equivalent of USD.1,000/-.

(NRO) Non Resident Ordinary/ Savings/ Fixed Deposits:
Non Resident Indians can open both Savings Bank NRO Account and Fixed Deposit NRO Account. Unlike the other accounts, remittances can also be made in Indian rupees. But the balances cannot be repatriated. Attractive interest rates are paid depending on the period of deposit. Interest earned is subject to Indian Income Tax rules. Foreign nationals can also open a NRO account with us. NRO SB account bears interest rate of 3.5 %.

Foreign Currency Non Resident Accounts:
This is a Term Deposit scheme, wherein remittances have to be made in  foreign currency. The account will be held in the following four currencies only, with a period of one year.

No Frills Account  
In this account, customer has to maintain a minimum balance of Rs.10/- only. Customers will be given a Passbook and no Cheque Book is allowed.



  • United States Dollar (USD)
  • Sterling Pounds (GBP)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Japanese Yen (JPY)



Facilities provided by us

  • Trade Finance Facilities
  • Credit Facilities
  • Safety Locker Facilities
  • Treasury & Money Market Operations
  • Correspondent Banking


For more details :

For more details :

Country Manager Mrs. Kumudhini Yogaratnam
Telephone No Direct:      + 91 44 39519913
General:   + 91 44 39519999
+ 91 44 39519900
Deputy Manager Ms. R.A.H.T. Ranasinghe
Telephone No +91 44 39519901
Fax +91 44 39519900




Account Opening


1. Can a Sri Lankan citizen open an account in Chennai?

Yes Sri Lankan citizen can open an account in Chennai


If so, what are the pre-requisites to be fulfilled?

a. Permanent Account Number (PAN) –Issued by the Income Tax Department of India

b. Valid Visa and Registration with the local Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO)

c. Proof document on Purpose of visit


2. What are the documents to be submitted for opening an account?

a. Copy of PAN Card

b. Copy of Passport with Visa copy

c. Proof of local residence address

d. Two Passport size Photograph

e. Local Police report in case of non-availability of Valid Visas

f. FRRO registration copy depending on the purpose of visit



1. Can a company incorporated in Sri Lanka open an account in Chennai



If so, what are the pre-requisites to be fulfilled?

Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) prior permission to be obtained (Based on Investment Pattern and mode

of operation)


2. What are the documents to be submitted for opening an account?

  • Copy of Corporate PAN Card

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • Board Resolution to operate account with BOC, Chennai

  • List of Directors, KYC (Documents in support of Proof of Identity and Address) of

  • Directors and 2 Passport size photographs each

  • Proof of Registered Address of the Company



Account Closure

1. How to make a request to close the account if the customer in another country or in Sri Lanka? What are the documents to be submitted?

An Operative Accounts: Signed closure request letter duly attested by a BOC Manager in Sri Lanka if customer is in Sri Lanka. In case the customer is residing outside Sri Lanka, above documents to be Notarised. Inoperative Account: Latest KYC documents (Copy of Passport, Proof of address etc) to ascertain the identity and all documents along with the signed closure letter to be duly attested by a BOC Manager. In case the customer is not residing in Sri Lanka, above documents to be Notarized.


Fund Transfers /Encashment of currency

1. Can a customer in Sri Lanka remit funds to BOC, Chennai directly? Any Compliance to be dealt with. How many days it takes for a fund transfer?

Only to account holders of BOC, Chennai and only for purposes permitted by the RBI under Foreign

Exchange Management Act (FEMA)


2. What are the ACU and Non ACU Payments?

ACUPayments-Payments arising out of obligation of export /import of goods and its services

Non-ACUPayment: Anything which does not fall under the above cateogry


3. If a customer is sending money from India to Sri Lanka (BOC Account or other accounts), how long it Takes.

Time taken for remittance: From BOC Chennai to BOC Srilanka- 1working day

From Other Bank to BOC Srilanka or other banks 2 working days


4. Can Pilgrims to Dambadiwa exchange money from the Chennai branch? Applicable rates and Charges.

Yes along with Proof of purchase of foreign currency/Currency declaration

form/Endorsement in Passport.


Credit Facilities/ATM and Internet Banking Facility

1. Can a Sri Lankan obtain a facility from Chennai Branch against the securities in Sri Lanka?

No. Since the Chennai Branch cannot enforce the collateral in Sri Lanka.


2. Can a Sri Lankan who has an account in Chennai presently reside in Sri Lanka , obtain a facility from the branch?

Not possible


3.How can a customer apply for an ATM Card/Internet Banking Facility? If a customer wants to reset password how his request to be reached?

Internet banking facility available with account viewing and transfer between the accounts within the branch. At present the branch is not offering ATM services.



Types of Accounts (eligibility, benefits, etc...)

  • Savings Account - for salaried individual
  • Current Account – for business
  • Fixed Deposits