Offshore Exports


Counting 77 years in the Banking field with a large network of branches, locally and internationally, we cater to our nation. The import and export stream play a major role in our Bank. Our correspondent relationships with Banks worldwide have grown from strength to strength which proves our global presence. There by easing our way towards the import/export business. Our professional Trade Team expertise is there to guide our customers. Extensive hours of business, friendly atmosphere, courteous and speedy services are provided


Offshore Banking Division cater to 
  • Business enterprises approved by the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka
  • Non residents companies/Individuals
  • Foreign currency Banking units/Exchange Houses
  • Resident/ Companies approved by Exchange Control Department of Central Bank of Sri Lanka


Benifits to the Customers

  • Free from normal Exchange control regulations
  • Export tax benefits
  • Free of customs duty
  • Attractive interest rates on borrowings when compared to local currency
  • Exchange rate fluctuations will not effect the investor

Documentary Credits  (Letters of Credit)


  • Export Letters of Credit are scanned and sent to customers instantly
  • Documents are checked by our Professionals to ensure LC terms complied
  • Processing, Authorization and dispatching of Documents are done on the same day
  • Monitoring payments
  • Payments received are credited to the customer’s account on the same day
  • Necessary Status Reports of Buyers are obtained by reputed Companies
  • Customer is informed of courier details via email
  • Documents also could be tracked

Documents against Payment / Documents against Acceptance

Export Bills – Collection/Purchase/Invoice Discounting (Open account)

  • Documents are checked with the Invoice and Transport Document
  • Document processed, authorized and dispatched on the same day
  • Customer is informed of courier details
  • Payments will be monitored and customer will be informed accordingly
  • Payments received are credited to the customer’s account on the same day
  • Documents could be tracked
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