Standing Orders

Benefits of Standing Order

If you have monthly regular payments, fixed fund transfers or any other fixed transactions, BOC facilitate to make periodical payments automatically

  • Any payment or bills can be paid automatically as requested
  • Can inform the bank  how much money to pay and when
  • Cancel the standing order whenever you want to
  • Standing orders are useful for paying fixed costs, such as your rent etc.



Should be an account holder of BOC


S/O Application


* On cancellation due to lack of funds on 03 consecutive occasions. 


Registration    = Rs 100.00

On Payment    = Rs   50.00 (Other Bank)


a) Transfer to customer’s own S/A. within BOC  = Free

b) Transfer to Customer own C/A within BOC     = Free

c) Transfer to BOC Credit Card A/c                     = Free


Cancellation Charges

a) Cancelled on date of expiry                      - No Charge

b) Cancelled by Customer himself                - No Charge

c) Cancelled for lack of funds                        - Rs.25.00


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