Export Facilities

Export bills purchase

  • Documents against payment(D/P)
  • Documents against acceptance(D/A)

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Export bills for collection

  • Forward the shipping documents on collection/approval basis and credit proceeds upon receipt from the L/c issuing bank.
  • Our team of experts will help you to forward documents immediately to your buyers through our correspondent banks and continue their follow up action until you receive payment.

(Click here to download Covering Letter Export Bills Under Collection)

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Bills discounting 

  • Facility to discount shipping documents with a tenor at attractive rates to meet your urgent cash requirements.

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We discount such bills

  • Against an approved Limit facility
  • On  case by case basis
  • Our team of experts will continue their follow up action until you receive your payments.

Advising Letters of Credit and Amendments

Letters of Credit received from overseas and local banks are certified for authenticity and advised to the beneficiaries.

  • We advise your most expected Letters of credit immediately after receipt from the L/C opening bank.
  • If the beneficiary is not our client, facility to advise through their bankers.
  • Facility to call for amendments from the opening bank through us.


As Bank of Ceylon has Correspondent Banking relations with more than 800 well recognized banks all over the world, you can receive your LCs at a lower cost.


Transferring Letters of Credits

  • Facilities to transfer L/C’s to 2nd beneficiary as per our clients request and help them to continue their business without any interruption with their buyers.


Adding confirmation to Letters of credit

  • If the exporter is not satisfied with the L/C issuing bank or the importer’s country, we add our confirmation to the credit at your request at a customized rate depending on the country & issuing bank.


Bills negotiation

  • Our quick and efficient service will ensure that your documents are negotiated and your account will be credited immediately.
  • We also ensure that your documents will be forwarded to the L/C opening bank on the same day of negotiation by courier service. In case of discrepant documents, facility to obtain consent from the L/C issuing bank and to negotiate the documents.

Forward Exchange Contract

  • Forward Foreign Exchange Contracts will protect the exporter against adverse exchange rate movements. BOC provides expert advice and offers contracts to suit your needs.


Obtaining Status Reports 

  • We assist you by way of obtaining status reports on your buyers through our Correspondent Banking network, which help you to assess the credit worthiness of your trade partner.  Facility is available to obtain Buyers’ Reports through independent credit Agencies.


Advisory Services

  • Before entering into a Trade Agreement you can obtain the advices from our team of experts on Country risks, Opening Bank risks, structuring of L/Cs in a manner to minimize the risks involved in the transaction. 


Handling of Duty Rebates

  • The claims of the exporters to obtain duty reimbursement under the scheme introduced by the Sri Lanka Customs are facilitated by this unit.


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