BOC has the widest Lease finance network in the island. 

Lease Finance an off balance sheet liability benefits the Lessee when computing income tax liability.

These “finance leases” are available to acquire

  • Plant & machinery (including heavy equipment, earth movers, cranes and forklifts)
  • Office equipment, motor vehicles (buses, cars, vans, trucks, coaches and land vehicles)
  • Professional equipment (eg. Medical doctors, engineers, surveyors)


Payback period is linked to depreciation allowance, cash flow and marketability of the asset

  • BOC offers very competitive interest rates. 
  • Special terms can be negotiated. 
  • No   hidden charges and fees involved.


An added benefit is the free insurance coverage on Leased Assets other than vehicles for the entire Lease period. 

Need to know about Personal/business lease finance for Professionals / Company Directors and non tax payers, please refer to 

  • Centralized Leasing Unit
  • Ran Mithuru Leasing
  • BOC Professionals Leasing Scheme
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