Special Notices related to Development Banking



Bank of Ceylon, on the instructions of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, has initiated relief measures up to 31.08.2021 for following eligible borrowers.

Eligible borrowers

Individuals and Businesses those who are facing financial difficulties due to third wave of Covid-19. Such as loss of job, loss or reduction of income / salaries, closure of business etc. are eligible to request for concessions under this scheme. (performing and non- performing credit facilities as at 15.05.2021, will be considered for the concession).

However, borrowers who are currently enjoying concessions under following Circulars issued by the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka,

1. Deferment of lease repayments for the facilities obtained by the individuals and businesses in Passenger Transportation Sector, under Circular No 03/2021 issued on 13 March 2021,
2. Extension of moratorium for Covid 19 affected businesses and individuals in the tourism industry under Circular No 04 of 2021 issued on 19 March 2021
3. borrowers who obtained credit facilities under special schemes with concessionary terms and conditions,

are not eligible for concession under this scheme.

Customers may forward their request to the bank using one of the following methods, on or before 21.06.2021 by,

  1. Hand over the request to the Bank of Ceylon branches, as per the format available therein.
  2. Sending details including name, NIC Number, branch , contact number and details of facility/ies via email to bocsahana@boc.lk. Customers will be contacted via same email, if required.
  3. Uploading the required details to the URL given in the banks’ website ‘www.boc.lk’ (URL: https://bit.ly/3c5T5kE)


Please contact the nearest BOC branch for more details.


 Download application form - Sinhala- [PDF]


 Download application form - Tamil - [PDF]

 Download application form - English - [PDF]


*Conditions apply




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