Kantha Ran Diriya


Promote, development, enhance income level of Small & Micro Industries among women entrepreneurs. The eligible sub sectors includes food processing, beverages, textiles, metal products, construction materials, rubber products, wood & wood products, leather & allied products, printing & paper products, chemical & chemical products, agro industries, services, communication and animal husbandry / horticulture / aquarium


Loan Amount 

  • Minimum Rs. 50,000/- Maximum Rs. 500,000/-


Repayment Period 

  • Loans below  Rs.200,000/- Maximum 03 years
  • Loans over  Rs.200,000/- Maximum 05 years
  • (Inclusive of a grace period up to maximum of 12 months.)


Area of Operation 

  • All Island


* Conditions Apply

(Bank of Ceylon holds the authority to change, add or revise any condition, term or statement in this facility)


For more information, please contact the Manager at your nearest BOC Branch or call centre: 011 220 4444

Development Banking Division, 
20th Floor, Head Office,
Bank of Ceylon,
No: 01, BOC Square, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha,
Colombo: 01.
Tel: 011 220 4527 / 011 220 4526 / 011220 4528,
Fax: 011 2445805


  • Be a citizen of Sri Lanka
  • Be a female over 18 years
  • Maintain a Savings Account and make regular deposits
  • Be a permanent resident of the area
  • Should not be a willful defaulter
  • Be able to satisfy the bank with an adequate repayment capacity
  • Posses National Identity Card or any other identity acceptable to the bank
  • Have skills, experience or be trained in the relevant field or activity
  • Be able to provide minimum equity of 25 % of the project cost 
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