Saubhagya Loan Scheme

Eligible Borrowers

New and existing small and medium scale enterprises with the total asset value below Rs.40.0Mn (excluding land and building) and total employees less than 100


Eligible Purpose

To provide credit facilities to legally accepted income generating activities of small and medium scale enterprises


Maximum Loan Amount




Maximum Repayment Period

5 years


Maximum Grace Period

Maximum of 6 months depending on the nature of the project


Security/ Collateral

  • Movable or immovable property
  • Personal guarantors (considering the loan amount)


Special Conditions

  • Be a permanent resident living in Sri Lanka
  • Borrowers should be in the age of 60 years or below
  • One person can obtain one loan
  • Quotations required for the full cost of the project.
  • Equity contribution of 15% should be borne by the customer from the full project cost.
  • Priority will be given to purchase machinery and equipment
  • No facilities for construction under any eligible industry
  • Facilities should be registered in the personal name of the customer
  • Loans above 1Mn should be submitted with the below details
    • The project proposal
    • Income tax details, EPF,ETF details
    • Business registration
    • Duly filled appraisal






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